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Shopping Centre Activations

Bring the entertainment direct to your shopping centre.


Messy Makers can bring all the fun to your next shopping centre event. Looking for an children's activity to keep them occupied in your venue? Then look no further. Our packages are generally suitable for age groups 5 months through to 12 years, right across Sydney with the session completely customisable to suit your needs. Whether it's our famous messy and/or sensory play for the younger ones, craft activities including Sand Art, Slime School & individual sensory or craft for the older children, our very experienced team we have you covered! We have worked with some of the leading shopping centres right across Sydney with all to date now incorporating regular events with Messy Makers To proceed, please click the request to book button and follow the prompts. We'll get back to you quickly once we receive your request. If you have any questions or would like to find out more, please email or start a live chat.

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